The Union Of European Wrestling Alliances (or UEWA for short) is a unique European connection of wrestling promotions of different countries which was founded on july 1st, 2009 with member promotions out of Austria, England, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Scotland and Switzerland. Every country is represented by one sole promotion which has the same rights as every other promotion in this alliance.

The UEWA serves as an umbrella for all participating promotions, but is no promotion itself. All events held under the UEWA banner are promoted by the UEWA member promotions. This European umbrella organisation holds the European heavyweight championship as well as European cruiserweight championship for all promotions. Championships which carry its names with pride and honor and represent exactly what they are: A European Heavyweight Championship and a European Cruiserweight Championship. Championships which can be held by every European wrestler and can and will be defended and respected all over Europe.

On this website you can find all important information regarding this unique alliance. For further information, please contact your home countries promotion.



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Danish Pro Wrestling is the first and only wrestling promotion in Denmark. DPW has events all over the country, and in Flensburg, Germany too. This year (2009) DPW will have 16 shows, which makes it one of the most active promotions in continental Europe. The first official event was held in June of 2005, and since then DPW have been averaging a show each month. DPW also has its own TV-program, which has over 40.000 viewers each week. The program can be seen in Aarhus, Copenhagen, Esbjerg and Aabenraa (Apenrade) with Copenhagen, Aarhus and Esbjerg being the 3 biggest cities in Denmark. (In comparison, WWE only has 8-10.000 viewers each week in Denmark).

In 2006 DPW held a tournament to crown their first ever heavyweight champion. The tournament winner was Chaos, who went on to hold the title for 16 months. DPW is currently holding a tournament to crown their first ever light heavyweight champion. Some of the talent that have worked for DPW include: Chris "The Bambikiller" Raaber, Starbuck, Cannonball Grizzly/P.N. News, Karsten Kretschmer, KAGE (USA), Joe E. Legend, Erik Isaksen, Leon van Gasteren, Murat Bosporus, Michael Kovac, EricSchwarz and many other European and foreign wrestlers.

Pro wrestling is still very new in Denmark, but DPW is working hard to make it as popular for the whole family as it is in the rest of Europe and the world.

DPW's website can be found @ (danish only).


FFPW has been in operation for over 10 years now. Founded in 2003 by Paul Tracey & Fergal Devitt as the NWA Ireland Training school it changed its name to FFPW as NWA Ireland wanted to focus on the promoting side of the business.

Almost 30 wrestlers that have been trained at FFPW have competed Internationally in countries like: Ireland, Northern Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales, France, Germany, Spain, Australia, Canada, Sweden, Switzerland, Romania, Bulgaria, Japan and the USA.

Our aim is to help train the next big start to breakout into the wrestling business, while continuing to help with the growth of the Irish wrestling scene. With strong affilations with No Limit Wrestling & American Wrestling Rampage. Though based in Dublin, Ireland we continue to attact wrestlers from all over the country aswell as having wrestler come from the UK, Spain, France, Sweden and Canada in the past.



Italian Championship Wrestling is Italy's own wrestling promotion, running over 25 events per year on the whole Italian territory. Based out of Pavia, in the north of Italy, ICW has already been in 15 out of the 20 regions of Italy, with over 150 shows in its 8-year+ history.

Established in January 2001, and starting from scratch in a country with no previous history of resident wrestling, ICW has slowly but steadily cut out its niche in the landscape of European wrestling. ICW has its own roster of Italian athletes, all of whom have graduated from ICW's training system, the ICWAcademy. Dislocated in 12 gyms scattered throughout Italy (Pavia, Bergamo, Brescia, Castellanza, Florence, Genoa, Lecco, Lodi, Rimini, Turin, Verona, Vicenza), the ICW Academy frequently invites top-notch guest trainers to pass on their knowledge of the squared circle to the Italian wrestlers. Past guest trainers have included Chris Hero, Nigel McGuinness, Mike Quackenbush, Joe E Legend, Chad Collyer, Michael Kovac, Murat Bosporus, Ares, James Tighe, Spud, and many others. ICW also frequently features international talent on its shows. The history of names who have graced ICW's ring is a who's who of the top European grapplers and the top American wrestlers who have visited Europe in the last few years.

ICW's biggest events of the year are "Cold War", in January; "Vendetta" and "WrestleRama" in May; the annual "Il Numero Uno"

Tournament; "La Legge del Piů Forte", in August; "Pandemonium", in October; and "Vae Victis", in December. ICW has also recently launched its own tv show, ICW Turbo, available on TeleFriuli, Espansione TV, Streamit, and soon to be available on other Italian tv outlets. ICW's top stars include "L'Imperatore" Kaio, Red Devil, Andres Diamond, Lupo, Lothar, Charlie Kid, Mariel, Kobra, Mr. Excellent, OGM, Shock, female talents Queen Maya and Lisa Schianto, and renowned senior referee Enrico Boneschi.

  Infinite Promotions

Infinite Promotions began life in May 2012 from its home in Liverpool, England, under the watchful eye of founders Ciarán McConnell and Jack Rea. It has rapidly established itself as one of the must-see promotions in the country. With something on its shows for everyone Infinite features the best Heavyweight clashes, aerial spectacles and technical encounters. Infinite's roster boasts the talents of CJ Banks, El Ligero, Bubblegum, Zack Gibson, Joey Hayes, Danny Hope, Rampage Brown and others from the national scene. It has also hosted international stars including Jay Lethal, Chuck Taylor, Prince Devitt and Michael Elgin. The combination of the top UK stars and talent from overseas has helped Infinite become what it is today.

Whilst Infinite looks to make big strides into the future, it has a great respect for the past. Multiple shows in Infinite short history have featured bouts contested under Admiral Lord Moutevans' rules: two pin falls, two submissions or one knockout to a finish. These will continue to be a feature of Infinite's production going forward. Also with a nod to history, its Heavyweight Championship belt features the image of "Nature Boy"” Buddy Rogers, the first man to be named WWE (Then WWWF) Champion. It is with the same spirit of revolution that the WWE had when it changed the industry that Infinite has at its core now. Rogers' image reminds us of that.

As a member of UEWA, Infinite looks to make the next strides in furthering itself as a major player on the independent scene, and to represent the rich, historic English wrestling scene on the European frontier.


Maximum Wrestling

Maximum Wrestling is located in the north of Germany and has been known as Catch Wrestling Norddeutschland from 2006 to 2012. In 2013, the promotion was re-branded as Maximum Wrestling and will be holding multiple show per year in the north of Germany. Maximum Wrestling considers its product family friendly and is focussed on local fans as well as European wrestlers, even though the former CWN already brought in international superstars like the former Quebecer Pierre Carl Ouellet of WWE Fame, former WWE US Champion Antonio Cesaro as well as US Superstar Chris Hero. In 2007 Maximum Wrestling/CWN introduced the cross-promotional German National Heavyweight Championship which developped to be a well respected title defended all over Germany. More information can be found @ (german language only).

The Norwegian Wrestling Federation is the first promotion in Norway, and was founded by Erik Isaksen in 2001. With 12+ years in existence, the resilient Norwegians are among the oldest promotions in Europe. NWF hosts 7-8 shows a year from their capital of Oslo, and fans may appreciate their weekly WebTV shows, where they broadcast one of their matches from a previous show and hype their next event. Besides the veteran Isaksen, their most experienced players are Bjorn Sem, Grom Gravalid, Victor Dale, Aron Frost and Garm Stoylen.

NWF hosted the UEWA Cruiserweight Tournament in 2011, and is considered a very friendly and hospitable place to work for visiting wrestlers. NWF is structured as a nonprofit organization with a governing board.


Premier British Wrestling (PBW) was founded in March 2006 when owner Ross Watson promoted his first live PBW event in Glasgow in front of 170 fans. Since that night PBW have promoted over 30 live events with crowds as large as 800 attending the annual Maximum Impact show which takes place every October. Currently regarded as Scotlands number one company PBW attracts the very biggest names in todays British wrestling scene, names such as Martin Stone, Pac, Lionheart, Bubblegum, Darkside, El Ligero, Zack Sabre Jr. and Johnny Moss can all be seen wrestling for PBW on a regular basis. PBW has also been responsible for some of the biggest names on the 'indie' scene today making their debut in Scotland. Stars such as El Generico, Jimmy Jacobs and 'MDogg20' Matt Cross all having outstanding matches against top Scottish talent in Scotland. Add to all that PBW has over 10 trainees at the moment with most of them now wrestling on a weekly basis throughout various European and British companies. As we approach summer of 2009 PBW continues to grow into a household name in its native Scotland and management are said to be very excited about the involvment in the UEWA.


The SWA (Super Wrestling Alliance)/ZERO1-Spain is the first pro wrestling school and promotion based in Spain. It was founded in April 2007 with the idea of promoting wrestling all around the country and to help training the future spanish wrestlers.
The SWAAcademy offers three regular training days during the week and also does seminars with some of the best trainers from all around the world like Mike Quackenbush, TJ Perkins, Paul Tracey, Zack Sabre Jr. etc.
The SWA also promotes shows in Spain with the trainees of the SWAAcademy and well known talent from Europe, Japan, USA, Canada and Mexico.