European Heavyweight Championship Rulebook
1. Basic Rules

1.1   The European Heavyweight Championship is obtained and represented by the Union Of European Wrestling Alliances.

1.2     All title matches have to be sanctioned by the Union Of European Wrestling Alliances.

1.3    Title matches for the European Heavyweight Championship have to be held within the official borders of Europe. Title matches outside of Europe are forbidden.

1.4    All challengers for the title must be from a country from Europe.  Non-Europeans may not challenge for the title.

1.5     The European Heavyweight Champinship is not restricted through weight limits.

1.6   A title match has to be put on and made public no later than 14 days before the scheduled event. If the title match has not been made public sooner than 14 days before the scheduled event, the defending champion has the right to deny a title shot without any justification. However, with the consent of the defending champion, a title shot can be put on and made public shorter than 14 days in advance.

1.7     The European Heavyweight Championship is cross-promotional and can be defended in all promotions within the Union Of European Wrestling Alliances under the rules of the promoting promotion as long as #2 applies.

1.8     Title matches can also take place in other promotions than the promotion representing a country as long as it is wished, confirmed and sanctioned by the affected and representing promotion.

1.9     These countries are represented by the following promotions:

o       Denmark: Danish Pro Wrestling

o       England: Infinite Promotions

o       France: ABC Catch

o       Germany: Maximum Wrestling

o       Ireland: Fight Factory Pro Wrestling

o       Italy: Italian Championship Wrestling

o       Norway: Norwegian Wrestling Federation

o       Scotland: Premier British Wrestling

o       Spain: Super Wrestling Alliance

More countries might be added in the future.

2. End of Matches

2.1     All title matches have to end by pinfall, submission, knock out, disqualification, count out or by expiration of the time limit.

2.2     All title matches have a time limit of 60 minutes.

2.3     A title defense is successful if the defending champion wins the match by any of the ways mentioned at article 2.1.

2.4     A title change takes place if the match ends by pinfall, submission or knock out in the favour of the challenger. If the challenger wins by count out or disqualification, a title change does not take place. If this applies or the time limit expires, the reigning champion has to grant the challenger a re-match within the next 365 days.

2.5     If a match ends by draw, the challenger will not automatically be granted a re-match unless the draw has happened through expiration of the time limit.